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Are you going to SIAF by bus?

They were two entirely distinct days. Although the program's composition remained the same this year, Saturday and Sunday at SIAF were unquestionably distinct. The first day of aviation was characterized by curiosity, anticipation, and eagerness. Sunday was also interesting due to the changes, as the weather shuffled the order of the program a bit. Some pilots returned to Kuchyň-Malacky airport again after a year, while others were here for the first time.

While saturday was dominated by warm and hot weather, sunday started under a cloud with small drops of rain. Therefore, the program of the second day of SIAF had to be modified to adapt the flight demonstrations to the weather conditions. During the whole weekend more than 35 000 visitors found their way to the Kychyňa-Malacky airport.

On Sunday, the Czech Mi-24/35 helicopter pilots, who have only one more domestic event before retiring from the Czech Army, made their very last foreign appearance. However, crowds of people were also eagerly awaiting the demonstration of another helicopter - the BO 105 C, piloted by the well-known adrenaline enthusiast Felix Baumgartner. Additionally, the RAF Falcons parachutists, who delivered yet another heavenly spectacle, also managed to steal the attention of more people.

But the Slovak Armed Forces did not disappoint either. They demonstrated the Blackhawk and Mi-17 firefighting procedures, C27J Spartan, Rambo demonstration by the Slovak Special Forces and also Blackhawk dynamic display. Positive reactions were also received after the demonstrations on the dynamic polygon, where you could see the latest tank addition - the Leopard 2A4, Zuzana 2, or again Slovak Special Forces.