Z – 526AFS-V

Country: Slovakia
Operator: Slovenský národný aeroklub
Total lenght: 7,806 m
Wingspan: 8,84 m
Main rotor diameter: 0
Height: 1,9 m
Maximum take-off weight: 840 kg
Ceiling: 5 800 m
Range: 600 km
Maximum speed : 180 km/h

The Z-526AFS-V is an all-metal monoplane with an M 137 engine (180 horsepower) and a V 503A propeller, in the past used especially for continuing aerobatic training and competition flights.

The effort to continue the traditions and produce still modern aerobatic aircraft led the company Moravan to create an acrobatic machine, which bore the designation Z-526AFS. It was already the 14th version of Trener. A characteristic feature was the overall reduction in size. The span was reduced by 1,756 m. The fuselage was shortened by 0.180 m. The shortened wing was used in the first prototype OK-YRA. Since the start of the test flights, it has been shown that roll rate was improved by 35%. The properties of this aircraft are also improving overall due to the transitions between the fuselage and the trailing edge of the wing. Z -526AFS could fly in the range of operating load multiples of +7g, -4.5g. This type far surpassed all Trener‘s in terms of acrobatic properties. Among pilots, this type earned the nickname Kraťas.

Today, the number of Z-526AFS aircraft that did not have exhausted aerobatic hours is very low, so it is used in the Z-526AFS-V version as towing aircraft in many aeroclubs nowadays.

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