Country: Slovakia
Operator: Slovak Training Academy
web page: https://sk-ta.com/
Total lenght: 19,76 m
Wingspan: 0
Main rotor diameter: 16,36 m
Height: 5,13 m
Maximum take-off weight: 9 979 kg
Ceiling: 5 790 m
Range: 5 km
Maximum speed : 294 km/h

The helicopter is manufactured at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation production facilities based in Stratford, Connecticut, USA. Licensed production of Black Hawk helicopters is also carried out in Japan and the Republic of Korea. The primary mission of the Black Hawk helicopter is as a troop carrier and logistical support aircraft, but in addition, the helicopter can be configured to carry out medical evacuation, command-and-control, search-and-rescue, armed escort, electronic warfare and executive transport missions.

Slovak Training Academy as the only civilian Flight training organization in Europe offers type training on this helicopter as well as maintenance training.

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