Country: Slovakia
Operator: AERO TRADE s.r.o.
web page:
Total lenght: 6,85 m
Wingspan: 7,9 m
Main rotor diameter: 0
Height: 2,51 m
Maximum take-off weight: 600 kg
Ceiling: 4 000 m
Range: 2 200 km
Maximum speed : 320 km/h

SHARK UL is a fast, carbon-composite aero-plane in the UL category with a tandem seating configuration and a spacious cockpit. Shark UL holds numerous World awards and records. It was evaluated as the fastest serially produced ultralight of the World.

SHARK UL is a matured, structurally very stabile, safe, strong and well proven airplane with outstanding flight performance and very friendly and predictable flying characteristics.  Currently, after more than 10 years of production and continuous complementary  development is the SHARK UL undergoing an extensive development and implementation program of  further significant improvements and innovations, within a research and development project supported by funds from the European Union.  SHARK UL is a work of top Slovak and Czech experts. It is being produced in Senica. Over 110 units were produced so far. It is being exported World-wide.

The displayed unit has production number 061. It is an experimental prototype of the SHARK UL airplane with the installation of the turbo-charged engine ROTAX 914UL from the Norwegian engine modifier EDGE PERFORMANCE, with power output 84,5 kW (115 HP) a 144 Nm (106 ft. lb.). The tested motorisation enables the displayed airplane due to its absolute aero-dynamical cleanliness, small front surface, and speed optimisation of the air-frame to achieve long time cruise speeds reliably exceeding 300 km/h while consuming about 7,5 l/100 km of automobile gasoline. SHARK UL is therefor also suitable for long flights in flight levels, for route sections exceeding 2000 km, at full payload. In spite of the high achieved speeds is the airplane also optimised for safe and fully controllable flights in extremely low airspeeds. Final approach in landing configuration is typically executed including a safe speed margin for wind gusts at only 100-110 km/h air speed (TAS). The displayed experimental engine installation development together with the realised air-frame aerodynamical optimisations are aimed to increase the design speed of the air-frame, for the achievement of even higher speeds while further increasing the stability of the air-frame and further improving the already excellent flight performance of the SHARK UL. 

Naturally, it is also equipped with ballistic rescue system, most contemporary avionics from Garmin or Dynon, backup instruments, autopilot, mode S transponder, ELT, etc.

The characteristics and flight performance of this airplane caught the interest of the world record-holder and aerobatics champion Zoltan VERES so much, that he even became one of the satisfied owners and users of the SHARK UL.

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