Očovskí Bačovia

Country: Slovakia
Operator: Očovskí Bačovia
Home base: Očová
web page: http://lsk.sk/ocovski-bacovia/
Total lenght: 8.5 m
Wingspan: 16.2 m
Height: 1.9 m
Maximum take-off weight: 530 kg
Maximum speed : 253 km/h

In 40 years of their existence, the Očovskí Bačovia have performed 221 times, 84 of them abroad. Since 2003, the Očovskí Bačovia is the only group in the world that is made up of a Z 137 T tug airplane and four gliders (L-13, L-23 Blaník). Until this year, the group performed at the air days with a line-up of four Z 142 tugs and four L 13 gliders.

Interestingly, the team is made up of amateurs with different ages (35-73 years old) and different occupations or flying experience.  All members of the group have been flying since they were fifteen years old and all are flying instructors. They have flown between 800 and 4000 flight hours.

How is their performance going?!

After a unique take-off, usually in a four-tow behind a Z 137 T Turbo Bumblebee, the group climbs to an altitude of 1,200 metres. The climb in the tow is 2 m/s. It was first performed by members of the group in 2001. After disconnecting the tow ropes, the glider pilots begin to show off their mastery - flying in different formations. The flight is supplemented with smoke effects, its speed ranges from 90 km/h to 250 km/h. The formation is finished with a spectacular flight of gliders at maximum speed at a height of a few meters above the airfield surface (Tišliar, Lalík), while the first (Tomasovič) and the last (Oltus) make a sweep.

The distances between each aircraft are about 3-5 meters. The whole performance lasts 7 minutes. The assembly is flying accompanied by music (Enya- Only time, or Vangelis- Conquest of paradise)

The demonstration can be alternatively supplemented by a parachute jump from the wing of a glider, which is very attractive for the spectators, or by a solo acrobatic performance of a glider.

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