MXS - Zoltán Veres

Country: Hungary
Operator: Zoltán Veres
web page:
Total lenght: 6,95 m
Wingspan: 7,39 m
Height: 2,62 m
Maximum take-off weight: 952 kg
Ceiling: 4 875 m
Range: 944 km
Maximum speed : 420 km/h
Pilots: Zoltán Veres Zoltán Veres

His favourite aircraft is the MXS. This fantastic high performance aircraft will enable him to develop even more incredible stunts and aerobatic sequences to “Wow” the crowd.

The plane weighs 560 kg, powered by a 8000 cc Lycoming engine. The engine delivers 350HP. The MXS is made out of carbon, the rollrate is 420 degree/sec, the top speed is 420 km/h, and plus / minus 12 G-force are the structural limits.

When Zoltan’s feet are on the ground he loves hiking in nature and to play with his antique motor cycles, riding his 1954 BMW or his Velorex if the forecast says rain…

Zoltán Veres is one of the most famous names in European aviation and aerobatics. The legendary Hungarian pilot has flown more than 19 000 flight hours. The number of planes he has flown so far shows that he was born to fly. He boasts experience with over 120 different types of aircraft.

Zoltán Veres started his aviation career in 1982, four years later he graduated as an aeronautical engineer from Nyíregyháza University, where he worked for 5 years as a pilot instructor. In 1995 he was one of the top twelve pilots on the planet in the Breitling World Cup and can also boast that his aerobatics were watched by up to 300,000 spectators a day. However, he also holds several records in the Guinness Book of World Records. One of his favourite and most spectator-attracting stunts is a performance in which he is able to cut a taut ribbon in mid-air with a twist at 400 km/h, flying upside down at a height of 3 m.

Zoltán Veres is currently an aviation forensic expert and captain of a Boeing 737, so there is no doubt that he is a capacity in the aviation world.

Source: SIAF,


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