Country: Slovakia
Total lenght: 1,96 m
Wingspan: 10,3 m
Main rotor diameter: 1,3 m
Height: 2,1 m
Maximum take-off weight: 205 kg
Ceiling: 0
Range: 200 km
Maximum speed : 80 km/h

In the last few years there has been growing interest in lightweight trikes. They even got their name 'nanotrike' for being extremely light compared with conventional trikes. These little ones attract pilots for being as portable as possible - a nanolight trike can be folded up to fit in the back of many cars, the entire aircraft can be de-rigged and stored at home with minimum time and effort. Some pilots choose nanolight trikes just to have an alternative on normally non-soaring days, others - to open up new soaring opportunities.

Wing - Aeros Discus 15T

Engine - Corsair Black Bull / 33HP /2T

Weight: 85kg w/o fuel

Propeller: Helix 1,3m

Min speed: 37km/h

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