Country: Croatia
Operator: The Croatian Air Force
Total lenght: 18,42 m
Wingspan: 0
Main rotor diameter: 21,91 m
Height: 5,65 m
Maximum take-off weight: 13 000 kg
Ceiling: 5 000 m
Range: 1 065 km
Maximum speed : 250 km/h

Mi-171Sh - military transport variant of the Mi-171 helicopter developed by the Ulan-Ude Aircraft Plant (UUAP) and has been specifically designed to deploy a range of missions, including airlift of assault forces, cargo and troop transport, as well as air-to-ground assault, evacuation and search and rescue in combat. This helicopter can fly at a maximum altitude of 6 000 m and has a maximum take-off weight of 13 000 kg. Its maximum speed is 250 km/h and its range (without auxiliary fuel tanks) is 580 km. The upgraded version of the Mi-171Sh helicopter is the Mi-171Sh Storm and was introduced in August 2020.

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