Let L-410 UVP-E-LW

Country: Slovakia
Operator: Letové prevádzkové služby Slovenskej republiky
web page: https://www.lps.sk/sk/sluzby/letova-kalibracia
Total lenght: 14,43 m
Wingspan: 19,98 m
Main rotor diameter: 0
Height: 5,83 m
Maximum take-off weight: 5 700 kg
Ceiling: 8 382 m
Range: 1 500 km
Maximum speed : 335 km/h

Flight Calibration Aircraft made by Kunovice joint stock company Let L-410 UVP-E-LW aircraft is two – turboprop engine airplane designed for passengers, mail and cargo transportation. is powered by two Walter M601 E engines with power of 560 kW and Avia V-510 propellers.  Is known especially for robust all metal construction, designed for take-off and landing on paved as well as unpaved runways and for operations in difficult climatic conditions.
The Flight Calibration Aircraft is primary not used for passenger transportation, but especially for providing the flight calibration service of radionavigation and communication equipment, Airfield Ground Lighting including Visual Glide Slope Indicator and flight procedures validation. From first flight at 16.april 1969 till now was made more than 1200 aircrafts.

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