L - 40 Metasokol

Country: Slovakia
Operator: Slovenský národný aeroklub
Total lenght: 7,54 m
Wingspan: 10,058 m
Height: 2,52 m
Maximum take-off weight: 950 kg
Ceiling: 6000 m
Range: 880 km
Maximum speed : 200 km/h

In 1949, the well-known designer Ing. Zdeněk Rublič. The main differences from the future L - 40 aircraft were the butterfly tail surfaces, which led to degraded flight characteristics. From the beginning, this project did not take place precisely because of the production of licensed Soviet technology. In 1953, the company Orličan - Choceň started to devote itself to the project again. The tail surfaces were replaced with classic ones. After a period when the M 332 engine with an output of 140 horsepower was available, Metasokol was certified as a family, four-seater, tourist aircraft with good performance, low fuel consumption. Metasokol used the same type of modular elements as the L - 60 Brigadier, which was manufactured at the same time as Metasokol. These facts were reflected in the final low price of the aircraft. Serial production ended in 1959, when the 106th aircraft was produced. Metasokol is still today a modern aircraft with low fuel consumption and low operating costs.

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