JAS-39 Gripen

Country: Czech
Operator: Czech Air Force
web page: http://www.acr.army.cz
Total lenght: 14,1 m
Wingspan: 8,4 m
Height: 4,5 m
Maximum take-off weight: 14 000 kg
Ceiling: 15 240 m
Range: 3000
Maximum speed : 2 204 km/h

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The multirole fighter aircraft JAS-39 of the Saab/British Aerospace company is a single-engine single-seater mid-wing aircraft with a delta wing and canard configuration, with an arrow  aircraft´s flight controls   and  three-wheeled hydraulic undercarriage adjusted to take off and landing on shorten RWYs, including highways  and grass surfaces.

It is manufactured by Saab/BAE systems (Sweden/Great Britain). The development began in 1982 and the maiden flight was executed on 9 December 1987, last flight tests finished in December 1996, in 1997 it entered service with the Swedish Airforce.


Gripen is  (FBW) light, smal, higly manoevrable aircraft within the entire flight envelope

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