Gyroplane NISUS

Country: Slovakia
Operator: Jokertrike s.r.o.
web page:
Total lenght: 4,75 m
Wingspan: 0
Main rotor diameter: 8,6 m
Height: 2,7 m
Maximum take-off weight: 560 kg
Ceiling: 3 962 m
Range: 500 km
Maximum speed : 195 km/h

Introducing the NISUS personal rotorcraft / gyroplane, which combines recreational and professional flying. The gyroplane was invented by Spanish engineer Juan de la Cierva in an effort to create an aircraft that could fly safely even at low speeds. The first flight on January 9, 1923. Due to its flight characteristics and simple operation, the gyroplane is considered one of the safest aircraft for pilots ever designed.
BENEFITS of the NISUS gyroplane:
Urban mobility for 2 people sitting side by side
Monitoring of roads, cities, borders, fires or industrial equipment e.t.c.
Easy piloting
Short takeoff (70-120m) and landing (0-20m)
Panoramic views

Turbulence for the crew is minimized

The low purchase price, operating and maintenance costs

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