FM250 Vampire

Country: Czech
Operator: Carbon Design s.r.o.
web page:
Total lenght: 6,5 m
Wingspan: 7,96 m
Main rotor diameter: 1,74 m
Height: 2,05 m
Maximum take-off weight: 600 kg
Ceiling: 3,5-6 m
Range: 1 200 km
Maximum speed : 270 km/h

FM250 Vampire was designed like a sport car (sophisticated in shape, all-composite construction, carbon materials also in the interior, comfortable shaped seats side-by-side, accessories of high quality and durable leather used in the automotive industry..)

FM250 Vampire stands out as one of the lightest aircraft in its category. You can indulge in equipment according to your wishes, you still have enough reserve in weight for pilots, fuel, luggage.. and the most of all the lightness you can feel in flight performance, take offs and landings at short runways…

FM250 Vampire makes handling and parking in the hangar easier FM250 Vampire has wing span only 7.9 m, so it saves space in a hangar and associated costs.

• FM250 Vampire offers a perfect 360 ° view from the cockpit and when canopy is opened, you can comfortably stand up into an upright position in the cockpit, which you will appreciate during daily operation -boarding in and out of cockpit and especially if you will need to rummage through your luggage compartment.

FM250 Vampire is ideal for tourist or business trips, pilot training and club operations, including towing of gliders - normal cruising speed is over 200 km/h ( Vne 270 km/h), range over 1500 km or more than 8 hours (120 l in wing tanks), towing of gliders certified up to 750 kg, solid and durable landing gear

FM250 Vampire guarantees serious production and customer´s support – professional system of production management and quality control, each aircraft tested and flown by an experienced technician, a permanent stock of spare parts with the option of purchasing through our e-shop, aircraft inspections directly at the manufacturer.


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