Chance Vought F4U-4 "Corsair"

Country: Austria
Operator: The Flying Bulls
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Total lenght: 10,2 m
Wingspan: 12,5 m
Height: 4,5 m
Maximum take-off weight: 6 653 kg
Ceiling: 12 649 m
Range: 1 617 km
Maximum speed : 718 km/h

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Further info

  • Endurance: approx. 6h

  • Cruise speed: 230 kts / 430 km/h 

  • Fuel consumption: approx. 300l/h

  • Power: 2.400 HP

  • Crew: 1


The prototype of the Corsair was developed in 1938. The model aimed to deliver around 2000 HP from an 18 cylinder double radial engine by Pratt & Whitney. The 46,000 cubic centimeters of the propulsion make it not only extremely powerful, but also really loud. The gull-wing configuration, which made it possible to install a relatively short and light carriage, was a result of the propeller’s large four-meter diameter. Precise surface geometry resulted in three beautifully engineered and divided hydraulic landing flaps known as Fowler flaps.

Whilst even the first models could reach 670 km/h, the top speed had climbed to 700 km/h by 1952. The Corsair’s incredible performance was due to the improved propeller and water injection of the F4U-4 model.




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