Apollo AG1

Country: Slovakia
Operator: Németh Kornel, Slovak Avation Federation
Total lenght: 5,08 m
Wingspan: 0
Main rotor diameter: 8,8 m
Height: 2,7 m
Maximum take-off weight: 560 kg
Ceiling: 3 000 m
Range: 350 km
Maximum speed : 180 km/h

Apollo AG1 is twin-seat autogyro with open cabin and tandem seat configuration. Rotax 912 ULS (100 HP) is located behind seats in pusher configuration. Main control surfaces are controled by compressive rods, which tilt rotor level, and rudder is controled by cables connected to pedals. Innitial rotation of main rotor is powered by engine reductor via slip clutch. Innitial rotation proces is controled by pneumatic system.

Adventage of autogyro is its agility, reasonable range of operational speed ( from 30 km/h up to 170 km/h) and STOL performances ( Shor Take Off and Landing).

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