Antonov AN-2 „Andula“

Country: Slovakia
Operator: Air sports center, Slovak Avation Federation
Total lenght: 5,08 m
Wingspan: 0
Main rotor diameter: 8,8
Height: 2,7 m
Maximum take-off weight: 560 kg
Ceiling: 3 000 m
Range: 350 km
Maximum speed : 180 km/h

Antonov AN-2 is Soviet construced single engine aircraft, developed as multi-role agricultural aircraft and remains until today biggest fling biplane in the world.
It is powered by 9-cylinderradial engine with power of 1000 HP.
Capacity of the aircraft is 1-2 crew and 12 passengers or up to 1500kg of payload.
Different versions of this aircraft were widely used in both military and civilian operations such as crop dusting, aerial transport of passengers or postal service, firefighting, meteorological research or droping paratroopers.

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