Airbus A400M

Country: Germany
Operator: German Air Force
Total lenght: 45,1 m
Wingspan: 42,4 m
Main rotor diameter: 5,33 m
Height: 14,6 m
Maximum take-off weight: 141 000 ton
Ceiling: 11 300 m
Range: 9 260 km
Maximum speed : 780 km/h

Germany will present the Airbus A400M four-engine turboprop transport aircraft for the first time at SIAF 2021 in a static display. This is an exceptional situation for us, as these types of aircraft are very often deployed for their missions. The country had to plan its tasks and activities in detail in order to be able to release the Airbus A400M for those few days in September, which we greatly appreciate. Therefore, we hope and trust that you will appreciate their static display with your mass participation and goodwill.

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