AH-64E Apache

Country: United States
Operator: US Army Air Forces
Total lenght: 17,76 m
Wingspan: 5,23 m
Main rotor diameter: 14.63 m
Height: 4,95 m
Maximum take-off weight: 10 107 kg
Ceiling: 6 400 m
Range: 407 km
Maximum speed : 293 km/h

The AH-64 Apache is an American attack helicopter used from the end of the Cold War to the present. The Apache was designed in the 1970s as a helicopter for anti-armor warfare. The helicopter was designed to detect and destroy tanks in high-mobility combat.

It has a main and tail rotor, a tandem cockpit, so-called electronic eyes built into the nose, short wings with four points to carry the weapons load, and two turboshaft engines. The forward cockpit is for the pilot/fighter, with the first pilot sitting behind in the higher rear seat. In this two-seat tandem cockpit, the helicopter offers pilots excellent flight, handling characteristics and good visibility. Deliveries of the first AH-64Es to the U.S. Army began in November 2011 and mass production began in August 2012. The US Army plans to upgrade the entire fleet to the AH-64E standard and operate these helicopters until 2040.


  • total lenght: 58.17 ft (17.73 m) (with both rotors turning)
  • rate of climb:  2,500 ft/min (12.7 m/s)
  • engine/power: 2 x T700-GE-701C/1,890 shp (1,409 kW)] each

Source:           https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_AH-64_Apache#Specifications

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