Aero L-29 Delfín

Country: Slovakia
Operator: L29.SK s.r.o.
web page:
Total lenght: 10,81 m
Wingspan: 10,3 m
Height: 3,13 m
Maximum take-off weight: 3 540 kg
Ceiling: 11 500 m
Range: 600 km/h
Maximum speed : 620 km/h

The aircraft is equipped with one M-701c500 engine with radial compressor and single stage gas turbine. The L-29 Dolphin is capable of performing higher pilotage turns, such as flips, twists, rolls, somersaults and other evolutions in the whole range of speeds, while the aircraft's handling, stability and controllability are fully satisfactory when performing the turns. The aircraft is easily removed from the spin. It has sufficient equipment to enable it to be flown day and night in difficult weather conditions.

The good view from the cabin, the automatic maintenance of cabin air pressure and temperature and the positioning of instruments in the cabin create sufficiently comfortable conditions for the pilot's work. Maintenance of the aircraft in operation is simple, so that it can be easily handled by both flying and engineering-technical personnel.

The fuselage is divisible into three parts for easy access to the individual fuel tanks and the engine. Single pilot flight is only allowed from the front cabin. As for the back-flight, it is allowed for 15 seconds, the repeat is allowed only after 30 seconds of horizontal flight. This time is necessary to refill the fuel tank, the number of flights on the back is limited by the oil pressure. If the oil pressure drops below 1.2 kp/cm2 and does not increase during horizontal flight, a landing must be made within 10 minutes.

Flight training on this aircraft can be conducted on concrete, grass, or sand runways, but it can also be conducted on rolled snow cover, including partially icy runways, but with increased caution.

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