4x Viper SD4 Attack- Flight Demo

Country: Slovakia
Operator: TOMARK, s.r.o.
web page: https://www.tomarkaero.com/viper-sd4-attack/
Total lenght: 6,4 m
Wingspan: 8,4 m
Height: 2,2 m
Maximum take-off weight: 600 kg
Range: 1 200 km
Maximum speed : 240 km/h

An exclusive two-seater sports plane of the ultralight and LSA type, ideal for recreational flying but also a speedy way of arriving at business meetings.

The dynamic elegance of the all-metal low wing aircraft will take you to your destination as the crow flies, in leather seats with a state-of-the art carbon-fibre cockpit and offering panoramic views of the world you’re leaving behind. The impressively engineered design offers comfortable flight characteristics and is generously forgiving for novice pilots. The excellent equipment is an integration of highly advanced flying, navigation, communication and high-end monitoring systems, displayed on large, clear LCD screens.

The comprehensive equipment of the ergonomic cockpit is complemented with electrically operated flaps, balancing and autopilot. The highest level of safety of the crew and aircraft is assured with a rescue parachute system for the entire plane (AEPS).

Total Safety

Flying is the safest means of transport, which is being pushed to the next level by the unique Safety Package installed in every Viper SD4 Attack.

The T-CAS system will alert you of air traffic around you and to possible collision risks. A loss of electrical power on board will be mitigated with a battery powered backup screen. In case of engine failure, the “NEAREST” function combined with “GLIDING RANGE” informs you of the closest landing areas you can reach by gliding thanks to the impressive gliding capability of the aircraft – 8km from the height of 1 km. The VNAV profile will guide you to the start of the runway. In a worst case scenario, you can activate the parachute where the entire aircraft will be securely carried to safety, and subsequently the ELT function will automatically inform the rescue service of the aircraft’s position.

Full Control

Set in lightweight carbon-fibre, the advanced configuration of flight, navigation, communication and industry-leading monitoring systems of the highest standards are combined with touch screen and manual controls. This offers the crew an unprecedented feeling of complete control from both seats thanks to two functionally identical 10” – 25.4cm Garmin G3X Touch screens, complemented with a smaller central battery powered backup Garmin G5 monitor. The up-to-date airport database with trajectories and frequencies, can be tuned automatically via the on-board radio depending on your position, as well as the possibility to view the terrain and receive warnings of obstacles and traffic along your route, adding to the wide range of practical features.

Luxurious Cockpit

An effortless entry into a spacious ergonomic cockpit gives an intelligent layout of control components, the impressive looks are enhanced by the carbon-fibre instrument panel with two large Garmin monitors and a backup screen in-between. Not only are the luxurious seats leather upholstered, but also the control levers. Glare is prevented using covers made of Nubuck leather. You can store your hand luggage conveniently in two safe compartments with sliding aluminium shutters.

Technical Advancement

Careful manufacture on top-of-the-line CNC machines and high quality craftsmanship focusing on precision, safety and customer satisfaction are the key ingredients for constructing the all metal body. Proven by many years of use, the body reliably resists UV radiation, it does not crack and achieves longer service life than the carbon-fibre alternative, while also allowing damaged parts to be replaced.

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