11x Aermacchi MB-339, Frecce Tricolori

Country: Italy
Operator: Frecce tricolori - Aeronautica Militare
Home base: 313° SQUADRON Base Aerea Rivolto
web page: http://www.aeronautica.difesa.it/pan
Total lenght: 10.97
Wingspan: 10.86
Height: 3.6
Maximum take-off weight: 4400
Ceiling: 14000
Range: 1700
Maximum speed : 898

The Italian Air Force are going to be represented by the aerobatic team Frecce Tricolori that belongs to the top of aerobatic flying. They are world-famous. The breathtaking aerobatic show is the result of a long tradition, high level of profficiency, will and enthusiasm.

L´Aeronautica Militare is one of four Armed Forces in Italy. Together with the Army, Navy and Police it serves like a tool for the country defence. It ensures the safety in Italy as well as abroad, that is very important in a common life, freedom, democracy and the protection of dignity. These are the basis of the identity of the Italian nation and an extremely important symbol of the country unity.

At the beginning of 1920´s a group of pilots started to perform different aerobatic formations on the airport in Campoformido (Udine). Their main aim was to take advantage at the fights, maximize the potential of the aircraft and achieve superiority in the sky. It proved their skills and a high level of training. So the Military Air Force (l´Aeronatica Militare) decided to establish the national team – the aerobatic team  313º Gruppo Addestramento Acrobatico Frecce Tricolori on the 1st March 1961.

Since that moment Frecce Tricolori were invited to many significant events. In 1975 they performed their show on the anniversary of Military Air Force establishment. In 1992 their show above the Niagarra Falls in the U.S.A. was grandiose. They celebrated the anniversary of America´ discovery. The three-colour arrows took part on the grand celebration of the jubilee of the Italian unification. They proved their profficiency of the whole team during the Winter Olympic Games in Torino, where they made five Olympic circles on the sky.

Nowadays, Frecce Tricolori are the jewel of the Italian aviation and they fly as the air fighters MB 339. The colour arrows can be characterized like „a man vs. a machine“. The relationship between the pilots and the machines makes a wonderful experience in the sky all over the world. They are the synonym for perfectness of the technical skills and abilities during the flight. During 25 minutes Frecce Tricolori show their extreme performance. The whole team consists of the technicians and pilots who work together as one team to show the three-colour Italian flag on the sky.

Things worth knowing about Frecce Tricolori

Only the best pilots of the Italian air forces can join the Frecce Tricolori. Each year, strictly one or two new members are selected from among those who have more than a thousand flight hours, and after their selection they must complete a gradual training program.

The team is equipped with Aermacchi MB-339-A/PAN, a single-engine jet trainer with tandem seats, and a light attack aircraft. For several years now, the acrobatic group Frecce Tricolori has been ending their performance in the sky by drawing the flag of Italy, while the voice of their compatriot Luciano Pavarotti with the song Nessun Dorma is heard from the speakers. In short, this group cannot be missed at the SIAF and their performance is always an imaginary icing on the cake.

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