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18. Juny 2013 Press

8th August 2014. In a short time it has gained prestige among participants of International Air Fest Days in Sliač. It is synonym of success and triumph. It carries the name of the pilot, the fighter pilot flying for Royal Air Force. It was named after the aviation ace considered the best Slovak pilot ever. The name Otto Smik inspired organizers to award the main trophy to the best at International Air Fest Days SIAF 2014 also this year.

Press release

If you decide to spend your last summer-holiday weekend at Sliač airport here is the offer: 12 participating countries, 3 aerial demonstration teams, 30 flight displays, 70 aircraft in the air and on the ground... and there is still something to come. An unbelievable race will take place right there. One of the Latvian Baltic Bees aerial demonstration team L-39 Albatroses will challenge one of the world fastest car – Ariel Atom.

Press release, 9th July 2014


The mass event of the year drawing attention of thousands of visitors. International Air Fest have earned the reputation of the most prestigious aviation event in Slovakia for the high level of organization and participation of the world elite. Airbase Sliač and Sliač Airport will hold International Air Fest SIAF 2014 during last two days of August.

Press release, 1st April 2014


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