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7. Juny 2021 Aktuality

As you are asking us daily about the organizational matters around MLD SIAF 2021, here is some useful information that will surely give you more answers.

Every single day we receive countless questions from you, which on the one hand we appreciate immensely, but on the other hand please understand that not all of them can be answered in a timely manner. This "covid" situation is new, both for you and for us, and as I am sure you all know, things change and evolve differently every day. Therefore, we have prepared a few points or headings for you to give you a sharper outline regarding the organization of MLD SIAF 2021, 4-5. September 2021, Malacky/Kuchyňa Air Base.

Covid measures

It is more than understandable that the measures associated with Covid-19 are changing form and it is a "live virus" where we do not know what to expect. Therefore, giving definitive opinions on whether you will need a PCR or antigen test when you enter SIAF 2021 is premature at this time and we don't know the answers either. Nor can we say at this time that if tests will be needed, how old they may be, whether a confirmation from your employer will be sufficient, etc. All definitive rules will therefore be published in the month of AUGUST, as the conditions do not depend on us, but on the pandemic situation in the world and especially in Slovakia. According to the current rules for the upcoming August, the airport capacity will also be set, but we can assure you that the Malacky/Kuchyňa air base is huge, so you definitely don't have to worry about your place. We will adjust everything so that the measures must be complied with and also so that our visitors will be satisfied.

If the event is cancelled due to a pandemic situation, the organiser will refund your entry fee and you will not lose your funds under any circumstances.

VIP tickets

We are getting a lot of inquiries about VIP tickets and for now we can promise you that we will start selling them at the end of JULY and the beginning of AUGUST. The reason for the postponed pre-sale is that by this time we will know the conditions or rules of the Covid-19 pandemic and the corresponding measures. This is mainly related to VIP capacity, form of refreshments or seating. We are therefore left with no choice but to wait until that date.

A new feature of the MLD SIAF 2021 will be a grandstand seating for visitors, but we also have to wait until the end of JULY to the beginning of AUGUST to sell tickets. This form of ticketing does not include refreshments and is for SIAF visitor seating only.

Transportation at the airport

Questions about transport (by car, bus or train) to the airport will be addressed in the special VISITORS section of our website There you will find a detailed description of the transport methods, coordinates, and all the rules related to transport. This section will also "come alive" in the month of AUGUST.

As for the tent city, it will of course be available to visitors in front of the SIAF entrance gate from 3-6 September 2021. This area will be free for all.

Programme at the MLD SIAF

There is no point in publishing the program now, because we can only "release" this information to the world two weeks before the actual start of MLD SIAF 2021, when we will have confirmation from the participants that their aircrafts are in order and will actually fly one hundred percent.

Aircraft at SIAF

We will be posting all aircraft that have pledged to participate in the International Aviation Days from the middle of the month of JUNE at in the aircraft section.

Ticket purchase

Ticket sales are currently only available online via our website or via . We also attach specific links to buy tickets, where you have all the information in the description, who has what right to the amount of admission, and from what age children will also need admission. All information can be found here:

Purchase tickets through the following links: OR

Journalists and spotters

We are regularly approached by people from the media industry about accreditation. Of course we are thinking of you too, but the accreditation form for journalists will be available only in the middle of the month of AUGUST, as well as the tickets for spotters. Just keep an eye on our social media or our official website

Stall sales, gastronomy and souvenirs

Permission to set up a point of sale is granted by the event organiser and all applications sent to date are NOT ACCEPTED. A stall sales registration form will be created at A dedicated manager will be assigned to organize this, and will work intensively on it. Registration will also be launched in the month of AUGUST for the reasons mentioned above regarding the "covid" rules.




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