World Champion in the 2018 Red Bull Air Race World Championship at the autograph signings with his trophy

10. July 2019 Aktuality

Great news from organizers - an outstanding Czech aerobatics pilot, a winner of  adrenaline Red Bull Air Race World Championship Martin Šonka accepted our invitation also to MLD SIAF 2019. This year in May he already presented his piloting mastery to aviation fans at Aviation Festival in Piešťany. If we stated that “Hardly can anybody in flying aerobatics be equal to Zoltan Veres“ then this year could be different.

 Who is Martin Šonka?

The 2018 Red Bull Air Race World Championship winner, a Czech aerobatics (unlimited) and a former fighter pilot (JAS-39 Gripen) in the Czech Air Force.

 „Small steps will bring you in front of the gate of success.“

That says a motto on a web page. Short and pertinent. Besides being a talented pilot he has worked hard to reach the top - to become an elite pilot. Martin began his aviation career in 1997. In this year he started his studies at University of Defence in Brno as a pilot. Four years later he passed the final exams and became one step closser to his deram about flying. In 2001 he started with glider aerobatics and in 2003 with engine powered aircraft aerobatics as well. The first success came quite quickly - he soon became a world champion of both categories. Then he accepted an offer and became a member of the Czech national aerobatic team.

 In October 2009 Šonka passed all Red Bull Air Race qualifying camps and gained The Red Bull Air Race Super Licence. The same year, in December he was accepted as a member of an elite group of 15 top pilots of the world. He won the 2017 Red Bull Air Race of Abu Dhabi and the next year he became  a World Champion of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

What  will be his flight display in Sliač about?

His performance in Sliač should be similar to that one in Piešťany. Martin described it in these words:

“I will be flying an Extra 300 SR, reg. OK-SON. My display is based on my Free Style composition. During a common race we have only 4 minutes to performe. So, during a 12-minute flight display I will try to show everything my aircraft is capable of - min. speed, hanging on a propeller, backward-fligt , max.speed of 400 km/h and rotation around all aircraft axis,“ reveals Martin.

What else to add? Just information that Martin Šonka will bring his Redbull Air Race trophy to the autograph signings.



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