We present the concept of the studio - 2020 SIAF Livestream

13. July 2020 Aktuality

Aviation Days have been one of the greatest aviation events in Slovakia for ten years. Despite the situation arising from the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers have decided to bring the SIAF 2020 to your home. On August 29th,on our social networks, you will witness the footage of the best solo aviation demonstrations, as well as team acrobatics from the entire history of the SIAF International Aviation Daysonline. In addition, you can look forward to guests from the aviation industry and military technology. SIAF 2020 gets on the stage and ''all the world's a stage''.

The unique aviation experience, that visitors take away from the Sliač air-base, will be brought to you online directly to your home this year. On the occasion of theSIAF 2020 International Aviation Days' 10th anniversary, we will speak online to our aviation enthusiasts on social networks from the academic campus of the Drama Studio at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica.

"International Aviation Days have long been cooperating with the academic sector and giving students space and opportunities for their further development. When we were thinkingof the space requirements for creating a live stream, we concluded that the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica is highly technically and spatially equipped for our needs, thus we can easily bring the International Aviation Days to your home. Representatives of this institution supported our idea and provided us with spatial and partly also technical equipment to ensure the livestream of the SIAF 2020 event, " as stated by Andrej Brník, the SIAF Aviation Days' Media Manager.

Aviation lovers can follow the best of SIAF's history online on the website and on our social networks. On August 29th, at half past ten, a live broadcast full of aerial acrobatics will begin, and it should last until five o'clock in the afternoon, as it does at Sliač Airport during this annual event. Several guests from the field of aviation industry and military technology will speak to you from the improvised studio at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica

Andrej Brník says that the viewers have a lot to look forward to. "The concept takes the form of a television studio. There will be the main host and he will lead a discussion with the guests present. We will gradually introduce the guests, the only thing I will say for now is that there will be more than enough of them. There will also be commentators who are in charge of commenting on individual display shows from the previous years of SIAF. You will see the best of team and solo acrobatics. "The organizers have an ambition to bring the audience interesting conversations with those who will not be able to come to the studio in person."If foreign guests are not able to come to the studiodirectly, we will try to contact them via telebridge or video call. Of course, we will only do so if the foreign guests confirm this electronic form of participation in SIAF 2020, "adds Andrej Brník.

On August 29th, 2020, from half past ten in the morning untilfive in the afternoon, we will bring you the best of the SIAF International Aviation Days' entire history from Sliač air base, despite the fact that this year we will address you from the Drama Studio at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. You will be able to watch the biggest aviation event of the year online on the www.siaf.skwebsite, as well as social networks of Facebook or Youtube.

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