The world champion Martin Šonka is coming to SIAF 2020 livestream

10. August 2020 Aktuality

All aviation enthusiasts expect and are used to a unique air acrobacy experience at the air base in Sliač. This year, we will bring top-notch footageto your homes! Among many others, the world champion Martin Šonka from the Red Bull Team has promised to attend the SIAF 2020 International Aviation Days! Those who did not manage to reach Mr. Šonka in Sliač last year, will have a chance to know his charisma and demonstration piloting thanks to our livestream on August 29th, 2020. SIAF 2020 online will simply be ‘‘universal‘‘ !

Martin Šonka is a Czech acrobatic pilot and former combat pilot of the Czech Air Force. He is the world champion of the elite aviation series Red Bull Air Race, the European champion and vice world champion in aerobatics in the unlimited - freestyle category. He is also a member of the Czech Republicaerobatics national team in the unlimited category. In his opinion, acrobatics in the air requires excellent physical condition. "To cope with enormous g-force, it is necessary to flex the muscular parts of the whole body and at the same time to control the machine very precisely."

Last year, Martin Šonka became the first person in the world to fly under two bridges in our capital city. These were the SNP Bridge and the Old Bridge. In addition, he performed demonstration air maneuvers. At that time he showed up in the Extra 300 SR aircraft. "Of this particular model - Extra 300 SR - only two aircrafts were produced. It's more or less the same as the Extra 330 SC, except this model unfortunately has a smaller rudder because it was made for the Red Bull Air Race. Also, it's a little lighter because it doesn't have one tank, plus it has a smaller smoke tank, and it has a more powerful engine, " explains Martin Šonka. The collection of aircrafts is completed by the Zivko Edge 540 V3 - 2015 Edition which he has been flying since 2016. Martin Šonka has also flown the Zivko Edge 540 V3 since the restart of the Red Bull Air Race in 2014. In the army, he has tried piloting the L-29 Dolphin, L-39 Albatross, L-159 Alca and JAS-39 Gripen.

Martin Šonka demonstrated his piloting at the International Aviation Days in 2013 and 2019. In 2013, he won the Slovak Aviation Agency Award for the best flight demonstration of civil and sport aviation in the Extra 300 aircraft. This year, he will come to the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, where he will speak about his career, aerobatics and, after the interview, he will comment on his own display show from the SIAF 2019 International Aviation Days. Martin Šonka rightly belongs to the world's top aerobatics, so don't miss the interview and the way he comments on his maneuvers from the Sliač sky. We will bring you this unique experience, and much more, on the last Saturday in August.

Watch us on August 29th, 2020. We have prepared the best of the entire SIAF International Aviation Dayshistory. You can find us on Facebook, Youtube and Don't forget that by voluntarily contributing or buying a livestream ticket, you will not only help us, but we will dedicate part of the proceeds of the collected amount to the reconstruction of the damaged L-39 Albatros aircraft. In addition, you will entera competition where you can win extremely attractive prizes from our partners.

Martin Šonka will join the International Aviation Days SIAF 2020 online on August 29th. We will keep you posted and inform you about who else will join him within our livestream on our website, as well as the social networks Facebook and Youtube.

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