10. Juny 2018 9 Aktuality

A riddle for you: Nowadays he belongs to the most well-known names in European aviation and aerobatic flights. It is clear that he was born to fly. Ever year at aviation days you can admire his piloting mastery. Although no one never knows from where he  arrives it takes their breath away. Have you guessed? Yes, it is the unique friendly legendary pilot Zoltán Veres participating in MLD SIAF 2018 on 1 and 2 September 2018.

Those who visit aviation days in Sliač regularly are familiar with his “breathtaking“ manoeuvres not only in the sky but also in a low altitude. In a certain moment of his performance Zoltán disappears with his plane from the sky behind a large wood in the diretion of Sielnica to appear subsequently between tops of poplars.

One of his favourite stunts and also the most attractive one  for visitors is the inverted ribbon cut  3 metres above ground at the speed of 400km/h. So far he has had more than 19,000 flight hours under his belt in 120 types of aircraft – from small aerobatic planes to state of the art transport Boeing airliners.

He graduated from the College of Aviation with a degree in aircraft engineering. He holds almost every possible type of licences in aviation including airline pilot licence. He belongs to the very few  holders of licence to fly surface level aerobatics. He is also a legal expert in aviation matters.

Let yourselves be persuaded and visit  Sliač Airport on 1 and 2 September and become part of the unique aviation event MLD SIAF GRIPEN 2018.



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