Spitfire is coming back to the airbase of Majorgeneral Otto Smik

2. July 2019 1 Aktuality

Aviation and SIAF aficionados are familiar with the fact that the aircraft Spitfire was piloted by one of the most important Czechoslovak pilots –MajGen Otto Smik. The former commander of the 127 Squadron RAF gave his name to the Sliač airbase where his bust decorated with the wing of the most famous aircraft  of WW2 is erected. On the 3 and 4 August visitors will be given the opportunity to enjoy a dynamic flight display of the real historical gem – the aircraft Spitfire flown by Stephen Stead.


Stephen Stead and his aircraft Mk XVIE TE184G-MXVI

The owner of this flying “beauty“ is definitely not unknown person in Sliač. He intruduced himself there for the first time in 2017. At that time he flew the aircraft with new, a bit symbolic fuselage decoration – identical with the aircraft of Otto Smik. And in the same camouflage  he will land in Sliač also this year.


Spitfire and the Battle of Britain

The Supermarine Spitfire is linked with the British Royal Air Force (RAF) which used  this aircraft during WWII. The Spitfire alongside the aircraft Hawker Hurrican represented the core of British Air Force during the Battle of Britain. Spitfire was one of the best jet fighters in its days. It was constructed by  the excellent aeronautical designer Reginal J. Mitchell. Not only did all  important aeronautical companies in Great Britain but also the  small firm Supermarine participate in a competition for the type of an aircraft specified as F.7/30.  The  prototype Supermarine Type 300 was completed on 18 February 1936 and a maiden flight was executed on 6 March in the same year. The total number of aircraft of various variants with plenty of modifications differing from each other with engines, armament or equipment is more than 20 000.

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