Slovak premiere of AIRBUS A400M

8. Juny 2021 Aktuality

We are very pleased to welcome the participation of the German Air Force with their gigantic Airbus A400M at the SIAF 2021. It will truly be a feast for the eyes of the spectators.

We are always very excited about every single confirmed invitation to SIAF International Aviation Days and as organisers we are extremely appreciative when countries release their aircraft for our aviation day or weekend.

This is also the case for Germany, which will present the Airbus A400M four-engine turboprop transport aircraft for the first time at SIAF 2021 in a static display. This is an exceptional situation for us, as these types of aircraft are very often deployed for their missions. The country had to plan its tasks and activities in detail in order to be able to release the Airbus A400M for those few days in September, which we greatly appreciate. Therefore, we hope and trust that you will appreciate their static display with your mass participation and goodwill.


I believe and know that it has cost the German Armed Forces a great deal of effort to get the Airbus A400M to be seen by our visitors. Of course, in the world this type of aircraft appears at other aviation shows, but mostly in the West, so it is really unique that Germany has sent it to our aviation show,” looks forward the Director of IAD SIAF Hubert Štoksa. 

One thing is certain, that the Airbus A400M will be at Malacky/Kuchyňa air base in the period 4-5. September 2021 will be the largest aircraft that visitors will be able to admire.

Along with Airbus, Germany will also come with a static view of the Eurofighter Typhoon, a twin-engine multi-role fighter aircraft, which will also open its cockpit to the curious. And that there will be something to look at is more than certain already!


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