15. July 2019 Aktuality

L-29 Delfín is a regular participant of aviation events in Slovakia. It used to belong among successful aircraft designed for basic and advanced traning of military pilots. Nowadays only two aircraft of this type fly above Slovakia and the company L29.SK s.r.o. operates one of them. Their aircraft L-29 OM-SLK participates in plenty of aviation days and also allows aviation fans to have first-hand experience of flying.

At the International Air Fest Days SIAF 2019 the aircraft L-29 Delfín will be introduced by pilot Jozef Vaško. He is a former military fighter pilot, a holder of the special civil qualification licence to fly the aircraft of this type. He has accumulated more than 960 hours piloting aircraft Mig-21, L-13 SW, Z-42/43/142 and L-29/39. Dalibor Kubíni, experienced in operating military aircraft, is responsible  for the maintainance of this aircraft. During his career he worked also as a Chief Engineer of the SVK Air Force.

Flying display at SIAF 2019

The aircraft allows to perform manoeuvres of aerobatics, e.g. loop, roll, stall turn, split S  and others in the whole speed range. The aircraft Delfín with a  seasoned pilot behind a control stick can achieve great things. And we are given the possibility to convince ourselves that  Jozef Vaško is such a seasoned pilot during his performance at Sliač Airbase on the 3 and 4 August 2019.




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