Slovak Air Force at SIAF 2019 with attractive programme

17. July 2019 Aktuality

Recently, our air force went through the process of replacement of helicopters and transport aircraft. It had also a negative influence on their participation and limited flight display performances in MLD SIAF 2018. But SIAF 2019 would be a „different story“. They have prepared an exciting programme with flight displays of new aircraft and helicopters. Traditionally, the air force will present their aircraft and equipment within the static display area.


An attractive flight display of Mig-29s - it might be the last one

Do not miss an opportunity to see the Mig-29s in the skies above Sliač before their retirement.

The combat squadron pilots Maj. Ing. Dušan Tichý and Maj. Ing. Peter Lukáčik of the Tactical wing of Major General Otto Smik will attract the attention of MLD SIAF 2019 visitors not only during the flyover at the airshow openning but also in their special flight display. They will present to the visitors their primary task - an assistance to an aircraft in difficulties.


Slovak Black Hawk at Sliač in its flight display premiere

The pilots of the Helicopter wing of Colonel General Ján Ambruš from Prešov will take their chance to present to visitors at Sliač airbase that they have “tamed“ their new chopper in a very short time. The crew of Maj. Ing. Vojtech Pitron and Maj. Ing. Štefan Okoš will introduce their UH-60 Black Hawk in an attractive flight display that, besides some basic maneuvres, promises also “hovering with turns“, “turns with gradual speed reducing“, “Hammerhead“ and “autorotation“.


Spartan C-27 will not be missing in the skies above Sliač

The reinforcement of the Transport wing of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik from Kuchyňa airbase will be presented to the SIAF visitors by pilots Maj. Ing. Peter Jakubčín and Maj. Ing. Stanislav Štovka in a dynamic flight display. We could look forward to a “full power takeoff “, “flight with max. and min. speed“, a “maneuver of tactical landing“ and also an attractive “backward taxing“ on the ground.

Flight performances under the “baton“ of Slovak Air Force Majors

In flight displays in the skies above Sliač we will admire the piloting mastery of seasoned military pilots, accidentally all of them in the rank of major. Come and visit the Sliač airbase on 3 and 4 August and you will be convinced that our military pilots are the real professionals in the air as well as on the ground.

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