SIAF 2020 will bring a quality program to your home

21. July 2020 Aktuality

Livestream of the SIAF 2020 International Aviation Days has been prepared for almost two months by a 20-member team of professionals, thanks to whom, on August 29th, 2020, you will experience a program full of aerobatics, interesting guests and discussions on aviation days, as well as answers to your questions. The professional studio with modern broadcasting technology, from which we will bring you the SIAF 2020 livestream, has several tens of square meters and boasts a dramaturgically elaborated program. The viewers will be accompanied by experienced moderators throughout the program, the names of those will soon be revealed to you. However, what we can already reveal is that SIAF 2020 will be spectacular!

20 people are involved in the preparation of the live stream. Hubert Štoksa, Director General of the International Aviation Days, is surrounded by a team that looks after the logistics, media, technical and commercial support for this annual aviation event. Although the team of people has shrunk compared to previous years, we will try to maintain our quality. The quality of the program, image, content and guests. Each of the organizing team members has many years of experience in the given areas and together they form an experienced team - the organizing committee of the International Aviation Days SIAF 2020 online. Thanks to them and several months of their work, you will be able to watch this event on Saturday, August 29th, 2020, on the website but also on the social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Don't expect a classic livestream with meaningless videos, because SIAF 2020 will consist of a rich program and a professional scene that takes almost two days to build. Livestream in the form of a television broadcast will be full of samples of the best of the best in the whole of SIAF history. You will be able to see it all through 6 cameras in HD quality.

Within the broadcast, viewers will see two moderators and two studios: the main and the secondary one. From the main studio, a moderator will address you with invited guests to discuss topics related to aviation and aviation days. From the secondary studio, we will bring you rich information about ongoing flight demonstrations or display shows, which will be covered by our commentators. Lots of interesting facts about planes or flying groups will be available, too. A member of the organizing team, Peter Pastucha, adds that professional techniques will be used for livestream. "We want to prepare a top-notch experience for all aviation enthusiasts, we will use quality technology from an external company that will transfer the truest aviation experience directly to you. We will use innovative elements, LED screens, main and commentary studio or video calls with the best program in the history of aviation days to make the program interesting and attractive for the biggest aviation event in Slovakia, "adds Peter Pastucha, who is a broadcast technician and selects the best shots for the SIAF live stream.

SIAF has always been, is and will be about communication and proximity to visitors on aviation days. The organizers have the ambition to preserve this tradition this year, as well. "We want our spectators to be part of the aviation days, just like they always are. If they want to ask the guests in the studio or the pilots any questions, they can do so through our online chat on Facebook, " informs the media manager Andrej Brník. We will process all your questions during the live stream and pass them directly to the moderators in the studio.
We will gradually publish the aviation days schedule and the names of moderators or guests on our website as well as on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. On August 29th, we are preparing the biggest aviation holiday for you - this year, it is online and free. However, the preparation of such a great event requires the year-round involvement of a large number of people, and thus may we ask you for support so that we can all meet again next year and enjoy the unique atmosphere of aviation days live. With a financial contribution, you will not only help us, but part of the amount collected will be devoted to the reconstruction of the damaged L - 39 Albatros aircraft and you will enter the competition for attractive prizes.  

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