One of the top performances at this year´s SIAF : EF – 18M SPANISH HORNET AGAIN AT SLIAČ

10. July 2018 8 Aktuality

In the European theatre the Spanish  are well-known with performances of the aerobatic team Patrulla Águila. In 2016 they started with  solo aerobatic flights piloting EF-18 Hornet and a year later they introduced this aircraft at SIAF 2017. Their display pilot , Capt. Juan Francesco Herrera showed to Sliač audience what this aircraft is capable to perform in  the air. Before his performance he revealed to visitors:“... me personally I assess EF-18M as a unique in manouvering at low speed and at steep angles of attack...“. Everyone aiming at Sliač at the last weekend of vacation on 1 and 2 September  can start to look forward to a real southern temperament. At International Aviation Days SIAF 2018 Hornet will belong again to the most attractive displays.

Manoeuvrable participant

The Spanish Air Force, “ Ejército del Aire“ , was the first European customer to purchase the aircraft Hornet when the aircraft Phantom F-4 was to be taken out of service. In December 1982 Spain announced the intended order for 72 solo aircraft and 12 aircraft with a double control , later reduced to 60/12. Spanish Hornets are marked EF-18, E means “Espana - Spain“ and last upgraded versions are marked with the letter M – so the whole name is EF-18M. The aircraft arriving in Sliač belongs to  Ala de Caza 15  (15th Wing), Zaragoza-Valenzuela.

Dynamic performance

Although every aviation and aerobatic flying  aficionado connects Hornet with the American aerobatic team Blue Angels, the performance of the Spanish soloist attracts with unique southern temperament and precise piloting. His performance starts really dynamically , after take-off continues to looping. Manouvres as a turn with maximum g-load, a flight at maximum or minimum speed and a unique looping in a square shape will not be missing. Simply said – one of the top performances at this year´s SIAF. Come and see International Aviation Days SIAF 2018 on 1 and 2 September at Sliač Airport. You are invited by the Spanish.

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