Očovskí Bačovia na SIAF 2018

18. Juny 2018 7 Aktuality

Parenica and Enya - What do they have in common?

There is a simple answer to this seemingly stupid question. When there is the music „Only Time“of this Irish singer in the air at Sliač Airport every commentator of SIAF calms down - there is no need to further comment of a famous performance „Parenica“ of the Slovak glider aerial demonstration team „Očovskí Bačovia“ (Očová Shepards).

And, for sure, they will not miss this year´s International Air Fest Days SIAF 2018 on the first weekend of September at Sliač Airport as well.

Their cooperation started in 1981 in The Aeroclub Očová

The Slovak aerial demonstration team „Očovskí Bačovia“ (Očová Shepards) was established in 1981, so the year 2018 is their 37th season.  They are honorary holders of the diploma of The International Air Federation FAI for their contribution to formation flying. They have achieved several honours of primacy. They have participated in air shows in Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, repeatedly in Poland, every year several times in the Czech Republic.

Seasoned pilots

Out of the original members of this Slovak aerobatic group there are 3 pilots (Ľubo Tomašovič, Jozef Lalík and Braňo Oltus) still active within the team. Each of these instructors of flying has spent in air more than 1,000 flying hours.

There are also 3 more glider pilots (Martin Tišliar, Dušan Bysterský and Jozef Prokay) - talented successors of the Očová glider aerobatic flying tradition. Martin Tišliar has been even flying the lead of the formation.

Očová Sheperds are the only group formed by a tow plane Z 137 T and four gliders L-13, L-23 Blaník since 2003.

Performance in Sliač Sky

After the unique take off, usually 4 gliders towed by the aircraft Z-137T Turbo Čmelák, the formation climbs to the altitude of 1200 metres. The towing speed is 2m/s. For the first time the team executed this kind of take-off in 2001. After releasing tow cables glider pilots start performing their aerobatic mastery- flying in various formations. The flight is accompanied with the smoke, which creates the aforementioned „PARENICA“(colour spiral resembling famous Slovak cheese) and the flight speed range is between 90km/h and 250km/h. ; gliders in formation are only 3-5 meters apart. The display is finished with the flyover of gliders at  the maxim speed  just a few metres over the airport while  the first pilot and the last one execute loops. The team´s performance is accompanied with the music (Enya-Only Time or Vangelis- Conquere the paradise). In the past the performance used to be „enriched“ by a unique parachut jump  - a jumper (Janko Vrbický) jumping off the wing of a glider.

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