3. July 2020 5 Aktuality

Due to epidemiological measures, the organizers of the SIAF IAD had to adapt to the situation and accept the cancellation of the event in the same way as the fans. Also, they will miss the atmosphere which can be experienced at a full airport with the planes roaring overhead. It is all the more sad and sorry because this year was supposed to be the 10th-year jubilee and at the same time, the 2020 SIAF was supposed to be a kind of farewell to Sliač Airport for a few years. This is exactly what the organizers feel as a commitment to all aviation fans and enthusiasts and thus they decided to prepare an online stream that will offer a compilation of the best demonstrations and moments from the last nine years of the SIAF International Aviation Days (2011-2019).

As the director of the Slovak Aviation Agency stated: “For me, the International Aviation Days are a huge ‘matter of the heart.‘ We are committed to loyal fans, so we are preparing a professional studio whereguests will be invited, military and civilian pilots or former acrobats, "he adds that the six-hour online broadcast will be aired on August 29, 2020, the day when SIAF was scheduled, it will be free of charge and will be broadcast on the www.siaf.skwebsiteand on social networks. However, fans will also have the opportunity to contribute to and support the Slovak Aviation Agency with a voluntary contribution.

By doing so, they will be participating in various competitions with attractive prices, such as a flight in a fighter jet or winning an X-BOX game console.The fans will also support the running of the agency that organizes the aviation days but due to the cancelled events, ended up without any income. The agency is also planning to donate part of the raised amount to the reconstruction of the damaged L - 39V aircraft, which will then be located at Kuchyňa Airport in Malacky, where it was before. In any case, the organizers promisegreat aviation experienceeven via online broadcast.

In the coming weeks, we will gradually bring the entire program on social networks and introduce the guests we will welcome to the studio. We can already promise that there is a lot to look forward to.

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