Italian Tricolour reports their comeback to Sliač sky

30. March 2019 Aktuality

Italian Tricolour reports their comeback to Sliač sky

The organizers of the biggest aviation event in Slovakia - SIAF airshow - come up with great news to aviation fans. The world-famous top aerial demonstartion team will once again, after four years, attract visitors at Sliač Airport and Air Base Sliač on 3 and 4 August 2019. Ladies and gentlemen, look to the right and get you cameras ready! The phenomenal Tricolour Arrows from Italy are in the sky.

They were born at Rivolta Air Force Base

The Italian National Team, the pride of aerobatic flying, is world-famous. Their prestige and popularity result from their hard work. Pilots of the Italian squadron  execute the most daring performanes and proudly carry the Italian flag in the skies of the world.The atmosphere of their aerobatics maneuvers is emphasized by a nice music and by comments of “SIAF-famous“ group commentator Andrea Soro (note - new PR member of the team is Riccardo Chiapolino).

Thanks to ten pilots in the sky and technicians on the ground we will have an opportunity to experience a chill of excitement once again.They will paint the sky over Sliač by their aerobatic maneuvers in different formations. We can expect “Heart“, “Swan“, “Fan“, “Spark“ or “Chalice“.

Formation updates 

The commandant of Frecce Tricolori Gaetano Farina intoduced their formation for the season of 2019 which brings two interesting changes of key positions (Pony 1) and solo pilot (Pony 10). The new leader is Major Stefano Vit and Massimiliano Salvatore will replace Filipp Barbera

in a role of solo pilot. The formation “rookies“ are Capt. Federico De Cecco (Tornado pilot of 154 Group of 6 Wing Ghedi/Brescia) and Capt. Alessio Ghersi (Eurofighter pilot of IX. Group Caccia, 4 Wing Grosseta). They will take positions 9 and 8 within the formation.

Frecce Tricolori 2019


Pony 0 – Maggiore Gaetano FARINA

Pony 1 – Maggiore Stefano VIT

Pony 2 – Capitano Alfio MAZZOCCOLI

Pony 3 – Capitano Emanuele SAVANI

Pony 4 – Capitano Franco Paolo MAROCCO

Pony 5 – Capitano Giulio ZANLUNGO

Pony 6 – Capitano Mattia BORTOLUZZI

Pony 7 – Capitano Pierluigi RASPA

Pony 8 – Capitano Alessio GHERSI

Pony 9 – Capitano Federico De Cecco

Pony 10 – Capitano Massimiliano SALVATORE

Pony 11 – Capitano Filippo BARBERO

Do not miss the first weekend of August!

High level of professionality, high standards of discipline, team spirit and aviation enthusiasm... The Italian pride of aerobatics flying is heading towards SIAF and you cannot miss them on 3 and 4 August 2019.

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