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25. April 2018 8 Aktuality

Saab 105 for the second time in Sliač

The opportunity to see the first dynamic performance of this unique jet trainer aircraft was given to visitors of SIAF three years ago. At that time the display pilot Stefan “Crazy“ Doblhammer was sitting in the cockpit of the aircraft SAAB 105 Ö of the Austrian Air Force.

Now we can look forward to see “the original aircraft“ from the hangar of the Swedish Air Force. So far we haven´t  known a lot about a pilot  flying the aircraft in the flying display on 1 and 2 September but we believe that his piloting mastery will compare  to that of the pilot flying in the Sliač premiere in 2015.

Saab 105Ö – Österreich

The Swedish Aviation is known that it pretty relies on aircraft produced by the home industry.

The aviation production presented mainly by the Saab Group has a long tradition in the country. Introducing supersonic jet fighters Saab J-35 Draken brought the necessity of changing the system of pilots´ training  as well as of a new jet trainer aircraft. On the 16 December 1961 to support home industry the Swedish government signed the contract with the Saab Group to build a prototype with intention of purchasing at least a hundred of serial aircraft despite the fact that at that time the project of Saab 105 was just on paper.

The maiden flight of the prototype of Saab 105 took off on 29 July 1963 (a test pilot Karl Erik Fernberg). The test flight of the first serial aircraft was performed on 27 August 1965 and during the following serial production till the year 1969 entirely 150 aircraft with the serial marking Sk60 were introduced in the Swedish Air Force. The Austrian Air Force by ordering and buying totally 40 aircraft of Saab 105 OE (Saab 105 Ö - Österreich) in yeras 1968 – 1972 became the exclusive foreign runner of this aircraft.

The category “serving out “ – replacement of Saab 105 is approaching

Nowadays the Swedish Air Force includes only approximately 40 airworthy aircraft (2015) which haven´t undergone any modernization. Taken into consideration the lack of some modern avionic equipment and insufficient power the aircraft Sk60 is suitable only for  basic flight training. On 29 April 2015 the Swedish Air Force officially started seletion of a replacement within the programme MFTS (Military Flying Training System). About the year 2020 Austria  is also to finish operation of Saab 105.

Now what ? Will you come?

In spite of the fact that Saab 105 is approaching the end of its service (or for this fact) do not miss the unique opportunity to see this aircraft in the flying display at SIAF on 1 and 2 September 2018. This jet training aircraft reaches the maximus speed 970 km/h, the rate of climb 75m/s and we are sure that during allowed load -3/+6 g its display pilot will execute performance worth seeing.

Photo and video:  https://saabgroup.com/

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