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27. August 2018 6 Aktuality

Duel in the air with former display pilots

Aviation days are a unique opportunity for all participants to introduce their mastery in the air and the beauty of aircraft on the ground. For representatives of the Slovak Air Force the International Air Fest Days SIAF 2018 will become again the attractive opportunity to introduce their mastery. On the first weekend of September our Air Force will proudly perform  dynamic displays  and also variety of static displays. Visitors can look forward to an various offer of aircraft and vehicles.

Attractive flyover with new aircraft

You should not miss a Saturday opening ceremony. In the introductory flyover you will see aircraft UH-60 Black Hawk and C-27 Spartan at a low altitude. The Slovak Air Force will confirm that claimed readiness of the Slovak pilots is not a hoax.The aircraft Airbus of the Slovak Government Flying Service, the helicopter Mi-17, jet fighters MiG-29 and the training aircraft L-39 will be introduced in the flyover formation. And it´s not all! It is proved by the composition of the initial flyover that within SIAF 2018 the 100th Anniversary of the Czechoslovak Aviation is commemorated. So aircraft JAS 39 Gripen and Airbus of the Czech Air Force will be present.

Attractive dogfight

The new display pilot of the Slovak Air Force Erik Pagáč unfortunately will not perform for  the health reasons. The performance of aircraft  and the presentation of piloting mastery of former display pilots flying MiG-29 Fulcrum will be the main local point  in the programme. Certainly you are familiar with names Marián “BUKER“ Bukovský and Martin “MAT“ Kuterka. Both they have prepared for you the formation flying VTP at a low altitude. Just to be in the loop. VTP means advanced flying so it is worth watching. The group formation aerobatics focused on an airport recce with demarcation and ground targets attacking accompanied with pyrotechnics will belong to the top of this year´s International Air Fest Days.

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