12. April 2018 5 Aktuality

One of the best WWII aircraft  regularly participates in aviation days. Within the category of airworthy historical aircraft – veterans also this year it will belong to  top participants of the biggest aviation event in Slovakia. On 1st and 2nd September the unique Mustang will come back from the Czech Republic to Sliač Airport and will appear in Sliač sky with ostentation.

Aerobatic performance executed by a pilot Mirek Sázavský will last approximately 15 minutes. And everyone will be amazed! Every year Mustang P-51D ready to taxi on taxiway Alfa at Sliač Airport draws attention of photographers and visitors. At SIAF 2015 it was given the prize of a flight director. In the past Mustang belonged among important jet fighters able to provide  American bombers with  escort for  long distances and finally with defence in deep enemy rear. Also for this  reason it is the interesting gem for fans of aviation history during aviation days.

First flying performance above Sliač

For the first  time Mustangs appeared at Sliač on 17 September 1944. That day almost 41 aircraft P-51 Mustang from the 52nd Fighter Group,15th US Air Force provided escort for two aircraft B-17 Fortress delivering 8 tons of military material to help the Slovak National Uprising. “At this moment the pilot of P-51B-15-NA Mustang, Lieutenant E.A.Smith while dealing with diving flight hit the ground with a radiator, heavily damaged the aircraft and crashed. The injured pilot was transported to hospital in Zvolen...“ (J. Stanislav, J. Švacho: Siločiary pomoci SNP a západní spojenci, Múzeum SNP; 2016).


P51D Mustang

Classic and real WARBIRD, P51D Mustang

The aircraft is an original P51D manufactured in 1945 in the factory North American in Dallas (USA). After its service in the army in 1963 the aircraft was bought by Mr. Steverson  and registrated under the number N51162V. The aircraft regularly participated in airshows in the USA and was owned by various people. In 1997 it was bought by James M.Read, Chesterton, Indiana (USA). Shortly after the aircraft changed its colour – blue painting of fuselage, invasive stripes on bottom part of a wing and fuselage, checkerboard rudder and a code name PE-R (the 328th Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group, 8th US Air Force). The name EXCALIBUR  was painted on the front part of fuselage, prolonged with the silhouette of the sword. In 2011 aircraft of this shape were taken by the Czech company Český letecký ráj (Czech Aviation Paradise) placed at Mníchovo Hradiště  Airport. The first flight was executed by a pilot Miroslav Sázavský on 14 September 2011.

Photo: Martin Nepovím, archive SIAF

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