8. May 2018 8 Aktuality

SIAF 2018 organizers have been successful in securing participation of several unique flying machines also for this year aviation event at Sliač airport. The aircraft MiG-15, OK-UTI 2514 of the Czech Flying Legends association will undoubtedly be one of the top performers there.

Mr. Roman Svoboda, a former Czech Air Force pilot, test pilot and instructor pilot (1982-2010) will be executing spectacular display flights in its cockpit . He has more than 2700 flight hours under his belt, mostly in the cockpit of MiG-21

He flew L-29 and L-39 aircraft and reached more than 500 flight hours with Jas 39 Gripen.

The aircraft (MiG-15) is of special meaning to Roman. His father flew this machine in the Air Force and admiration for it brought Roman to flying as well.

 Roman Svoboda is a holder of CPL(A) licence, a display pilot of MiG-15 with more than 130 flight hours in its cockpit.(Source: Magazine L+K 11/2015, Czech Flying Legends association).

The aircraft

Mig 15UTI, serial number 242266 was manufactured in Aero Vodochody under CS-102 licence markings with RD-45 engine. The crew - Vlastimil David and Antonín Bartoš -  executed a maiden flight on 22nd April 1955 in Vodochody. On 17th June 1955 the aircraft was exported to Poland.

It served with the Polish Air Force till 22nd November 1990 as a jet-trainer mainly in the inventory of 61. LPSzB (Lotniczny Pluk Szkolno-Bojowy) at AFB Biała Podlaska.

Many outstanding pilots went through its cockpit during the aircraft´s active service, amongst them the first Polish astronaut Mirosław Hermaszewski. At the end of its active military service the aircraft was decommissioned.

In 1994 Mr. Tom Smith bought Mig 15UTI, serial number 242266 and transported it to California where the aircraft was registered under the register number N – 41125. The airport of Paso Robles, CA become its new home base. So, the visitors to Estrella Warbird Museum of Paso Robles and airshow funs within the entire United States had a chance to see this unique „vintage“ aircraft on their own eyes.

The Czech Flying Legends association bought the aircraft in 2013 and it got a chance to enter the „Czech sky“ once again.

Its new painting is in the Czech colours with the fuselage number 2514. It was the fuselage number of the  original MIG 15UTI of 30. sbolp (fighter bomber regiment) which served at Hradec Králové AFB till 1982.

On the front part of its fuselage there is a coat of arms of Ostrava  - the same as the original MiG painting. The only difference is „a tiger colour scheme“ on the top of aircraft vertical fin which represents its cooperation with NATO Tigers Association. 


  • 17 April 1951  - Licence production of MiG -15 in Czechoslovakia signed
  • 6 November 1951 maiden flight of the first MiG-15 manufactured (assembled) in Czechoslovakia
  • July 1953 production of  MiG-15 in Czechoslovakia entirely moved to Vodochody
  • 1951 - 1954 - 821 single seaters (S-102) manufactured in Czechoslovakia
  • 1954 - 1956 - 620 pcs of MiG-15 bis (S-103) manufactured in Czechoslovakia
  • 1954 - 1961 - 2013 double seaters UTI MiG-15 (CS-102) manufactured in Czechoslovakia

Photo: www.flying-legends.cz

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