26. August 2018 5 Aktuality

For the third time the unique Aerosalon opens its gates for visitors of the International Air Fest Days. Thanks to the 100 anniversary of the Czechoslovak Aviation commemorated by this event the aerosalon will be a bit more attractive.

Within the area of the Aerosalon  aviaton aficionados will find mostly sports aircraft of the Czechoslovak production - Zlín 43, Zlín 142, L 13 Blaník and many others.  As for modern aircraft  e.g. Viper by TOMARK Prešov, PS 28 Cruiser  and  Bristel from the Czech Republic will be on display.

Visitors should not miss the helicopter AK 1-3 and the gyroplane Gyrocopter X from Poland. The historical biplane Neuport will arrive from our northern neighbours. It is the replica from the WW1 period and will be introduced in a dynamic display. Also a wide range of small sports aircraft mainly from the Slovak Ultralight Flying Federation will not be missing.

At the aerosalon future pilots can get information how and where  to start flying. Moreover, our flight schools from Trenčín, Košice and Žilina will be introduced and provide those interested with information about studies.

There will be much to choose  so visitors are welcome at the AEROSALON located in the sector A.

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