World War I in full cruelty

31. July 2017 8 Aktuality

Realistic air fights  of two armies, attacks on ground targets, pyrotechnic effects and one aircraft shot down. Members of the unique flying group Pterodactyl Flight® will pay tribute to victims of World War I.

For fans of historical aircraft  

Pterodactyl Flight® is part of  Company Pterodactyl Ltd.® producing replicas of historical machines of WWI and WWII. Airworthy replicas and non-flying models are produced with emphasis on  maintaining  maximum authenticity, refinement of detail and reliability. Members of the flight group Pterodactyl Flight® test these aircraft for subsequent serial production and perform their mastery at major airshows where they fascinate visitors by air-to-air combat in full cruelty.

Perfection in details

Flying to airshows pilots of the flight group Pterodactyl Flight® spend a lot of time in open cockpits in all  weathers. That´s why  perfect replicas of outfits were developed  to withstand not only tough conditions of battlefields of WWI but also to protect against different temperatures and humidity. At SIAF 2017 the flight group Pterodactyl Flight® will fly in the composition as follows:

  1. Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter - pilot Martin Vecko
  2. Fokker Dr.I - pilot František Hadrava
  3. Fokker Dr.I - pilot Robert Stejskal
  4. Sopwith Camel - pilot Martin Formánek
  5. SE-5a - pilot Petr Svoboda
  6. Fokker E-II - pilot Radka Máchová

Photo: Pterodactyl Flight®

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