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8. March 2017 Aktuality

They have been active since 2001 when they created the portal for Matej Bell University to share photos. Following the same idea but few years later, certain Mark Zuckerberg developed a world-famous application. Seriously though, WebCreators create the web and do it with enthusiasm. So far they have created more than 200.

Web pages in atmosphere of peace

At WebCreators relaxed atmosphere prevails and they care about their clients as family relatives. Sometimes you can feel they are able to read your thoughts because during the very first conversation they are able to guide your very first idea to a solution as you are thinking about. But pure professionalism is hidden behind the relaxed atmosphere: WebCreators tailor each web page as an original to meet your idea. They are able to programme almost anything, they have created their own content management system, provide basic SEO, programme newsletters, create corporate design and they keep advancing of for example webhosting, where they are determined to fight tooth and nail with the best.


In 2014 the head of the Slovak Aviation Agency Hubert Štoksa came to WebCreators to experience a family atmosphere. The task was clear: a new website for International Air Fest Days. “We felt it was a great project. We know SIAF and it was a great honour and reference for us to create a website for them. We are aviation enthusiasts and one of us also flies. It was a challenge and we decided to take it up,“ recalls Ľubomír Kováčik, the owner of WebCreators.

Tailored portal

The website of the biggest event in Slovakia is a perfect example of WebCreators´ skills. Complex portal solutions with plenty of modules have overcome the same process as other websites. The detailed input analysis of the project was followed by the grafic and software solution, wireframe, coding and programming, CMS customizing, testing, search engines optimization, W3C standards validation, installation for servers and e-mail setting. And, what is typical of WebCreators, non-stop service.

Creators of web pages also love aircraft

Web Creators enjoy their clients trust. So they were given a free hand in creating SIAF portal, even its new version taking into consideration its maximum simplicity and clear arrangement. They like changing programmimg with motion, one of the owners even flies a glider. The head of WebCreators Ľubomír Kováčik would not change his job for a career of a pilot: “I prefer to be on the ground, cycling and ski mountaineering in winter – it is enough for me. I like being in control. But regarding aviation days, I am also one of the enthusiasts. I like big aircraft and my children even more. I consider SIAF a holiday, but also I perceive mainly its visual part. Although I would like to fly a jetfighter.

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