Turkish F-16 aerobatics mastery

17. July 2017 7 Aktuality

The Turkish Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon demonstration, known as SOLOTURK, will be be performing their mastery at the SIAF airshow in Sliač, Slovakia last weekend in August 2017  -  one of just six appearances outside of Turkey. The team typically performs a very aggressive demonstration utilizing smokewinders and a spectacularly painted black, silver, and gold aircraft.

SOLOTÜRK: The team presenting the F-16 capabilities

The King Hussein Memorial Sword for the best flight display at the biggest aviation event Royal International Air Tattoo, Fairford is definitely the best quality marking. Maj. Plt. Murat KELEŞ of Turkish demo team SOLOTÜRK won this prize in 2011, just one year after he started with his special display programme training

 SOLOTÜRK is a demonstration team which presents the capability of the modern and high-performance F-16 aircraft possessed by Turkish Air Force and the high level of skill and knowledge necessary for its use to the audience as a show. The demonstration flights are realized with a solo F-16 C Block-40 aircraft. White-colored smoke is released from the smoke devices which are placed on the edges of both wings during the show. No modifications have been made on the aircraft; it can be planned for any mission. Besides the demonstration flights, the SOLOTURK pilots continue their combat training.

Eagle, crescent and star

SOLOTÜRK bears a restructured detail of the eagle which is the symbol of Turkish Nation and the Turkish Air Force.
The crescent and the star which can be observed under the aircraft during flight is golden symbolizing the loyalty and value attributed by the Turkish Air Force to the flag which is the expression of honor of Turkish Nation and the meaning it represents. The silver star upon the aircraft symbolizes the ideal of the Republic of Türkiye and Turkish Air Force to become the star of the 21st century.

Display team members

The Demonstration “Flight with a Single F-16 Aircraft” program has been actualized on January 14 2010 with the picking of aforemenmtioned Maj. Plt. Murat KELEŞ, Cpt. Plt. Fatih BATMAZ and Cpt. Plt. S. Yalın AHBAB as the constituting team. On 1st September the same year the first flight show was presented to the Turkish Air Force Commander in 4th Main Base Jet Command. 


  • Captain Erhan GÜNAR - 1st Demo Pilot

born on 1983,  graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2005. After completing his flight training he was appointed to 162nd “Harpoon” Sq. / Bandırma as F-16 pilot in 2013 preceding his assignment to 141st Sq. as SOLOTURK's 2nd Demo Pilot.

  • 1st Lieutenant Serdar DOĞAN - 2nd Demo Pilot

born on 1985, graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2007. After completing his flight training he was appointed to 181st Sq. / Diyarbakır as F-16 pilot in 2015 preceding his assignment to 141st Sq. as SOLOTURK's 2nd Demo Pilot

Photo and video:  https://www.soloturk.tsk.tr

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