Thrill and eyes filled with tears: Organizers received the international award

13. March 2017 5 Aktuality

Historically the first participation of the representatives of the Slovak Aviation Agency in the convention of the European Airshow Council (EAC) was accompanied with a big international credit for all who have participated in demanding preparation of International Air fest Days SIAF.

Surprise with the taste of satisfaction

Originally, we wanted to devote this part to participation of executive director of SIAF Ivan Hůlek and chief of the reception office of SIAF Ľubica Benková in this year´s  convention of EAC being held over 2 and 4 March in Malta. After the award ceremony we changed our intention to deal only with the convention. The Slovak Aviation Agency won the award in the category Media & Marketing and also received the award for exceptional contribution to the world of European airshows. “We did not expect one of 4 main awards. It was a surprise, appreciation of hard work of many people and also confirmation that SIAF is the world-famous event,“ says executive director of SIAF Ivan Hůlek taking the award from charmain at EAC Gilbert Buekenberghs.

Perfect news for Banská Bystrica Region

European Airshow Council is a non profit organization supporting with its activities the highest quality and safety of aviation events more than 10 years. It has members from  32 countries and this year´s convention was visited by more than 170 professionals from Europe, the USA, Canada, New Zealand or Jordan. Winning awards contributes to the exceptional prestige of MLD SIAF at Sliač Airport and also to make the whole region visible beyond the bordes of Slovakia. “Being told  this news I got thrilled and my eyes filled with tears. It is a big success for all people contributing to the good name of International Air Fest Days. Born in Banská Bystrica I am really pleased that thanks to SIAF our region is getting internationally recognized at such a high level, “ does not hide his enthusiasm Hubert Štoksa, general director of MLD SIAF and director of the Slovak Aviation Agency.

Good job

An annual convention of EAC is a forum for exchange of experience and gives space for negotiations with potential partners and attractive participants in aviation events. Taking part in such  an event for the first time and receiving two awards – it allows to maintain contacts from a really good position. “All of a sudden we were accepted by those who had not known us. In the morning we heard just “Congratulations“ and “Good job“. We negotiated with representatives of important participants and we have a very good chance to invite more and more quality participants for following years of SIAF,“ says Ivan Hůlek. “Cooperation is the most important. Every year more and more professionals even military ones take part in the convention. The idea of joint convention of EAC and International Military Air Show Committee – it works as EAC within military -  appeared“  explains Ľubica Benková.

Safety first

The main issue of this year´s convention of the European Airshow Council was safety of airshows and the programme was adjusted to this issue.  “Promotion of crisis management, introduction of new safety measures by the USA reducing the number of air accidents at airshows by half, analyses of accidents during the year 2016 – all this  information we will use in preparation of SIAF, “ states the executive director of International Air Fest Days. “The next year we would like to share our knowledge about solving extraordinary incidents,“ plans Ľubica Benková, who has been participating in preparation of airshows in Slovakia since 1997.

Personal contacts

A meeting of airshows organizers, aviation authorities, display pilots and groups enables to maintain priceless personal contacts and collect information not included in official documents. “For example, details in the contract with one of the participants we had been solving for four weeks via e-mails we  made in ten minutes. It was enough to sight each other and sit at the table. Also I succeeded in finding valuable details about an invited group that has never performed in central part of Europe. I was given an opportunity to speak to the organizers that had come to the contact with them and were willing to share this information, “ reveals the chief of the reception centre of SIAF.

EAC members  at SIAF 2017

The European Airshow Council is led by the committee consisting of 13 members closely connected with aviation or organization of aviation events. “They have valuable experience and contacts with official authorities and are able to help us with increasing of the quality of aviation days. Since the rules and regulations have been changing it is very important to keep up with all the changes,“ emphasizes executive director of MLD SIAF Ivan Hůlek and explains reasons to invite members of the EAC Committee to this year´s International Air Fest Days SIAF 2017.

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