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26. Juny 2017 Aktuality

Also during this year´s International Air Fest Days SIAF you will have a chance of meeting representatives of the Light of Hope Civic Association  in the A zone. They will be pleased to introduce you their activities aimed at improving quality of life of children suffering an oncology or another incurable disease. Your contribution can help them in this effort.

It is enough to knock

Had Director of International Air Fest Days SIAF Hubert Štoksa not knocked on the door of the then commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, aviation days in Sliač would not exist. And cooperation of the Light of Hope Civic Association with SIAF started similarly: “ Not very courageously we asked the organizer of the biggest event in Slovakia for his support. We were emboldened by Hubert Štoksa to develop this cooperation, “ recalls Vanda Prandorfyová, Fund-raiser of the Light of Hope Civic Association.

Visitors of aviation days contributed to the mobile hospice

Since 2002 the civic association has provided children and young people with various services during and after such a demanding cure. It includes psychosocial and material help to patients and their families. The Light of Hope Civic Association is not financially supported by state institutions so it welcomes each financial contribution. The money raised during aviation days also helps, “The money was used to support the children´s  mobile hospice of the Light of Hope Civic Association, which provides terminally ill children with palliative care in family surroundings,“ gratefully explains V.Prandorfyová.

SIAF is an exciting experience

Apart from other activities the Light of Hope organizes and finances trips for “own“ children and their families, otherwise they could not afford. They also offer a visit to aviation days. Last year seven families took this chance and this year the interest has increased. “ Tickets for free and access to the sector with the aircraft Albatros, the training aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, on display were available for the children. All families were pleased with the treatment they were given thanks to  volunteers of the Maltese Aid. We appreciate the approach of the Slovak Aviation Agency. Since the beginning they have been willing to do their best for us. We are grateful that we again  have a chance to offer an exciting experience to cured children, “ closes V.Prandorfyová.

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