Mastery of the Slovak pilots and UH-60M Black Hawk premiere: The Air Force of the SVK Armed Forces once again the strong supporter of SIAF

9. August 2017 6 Aktuality

Flight and static displays of aircraft and helicopters and exhibition of the combat equipment and armament in the inventory of Air Defence Missile units - that is the contribution of the SIAF2017 important co-oraganizer - the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic. At Sliač, they will prove once again that the sovereignty of the Slovak air space and the protection of the Slovak citizens could be presented in an attractive manner.

Piloting mastery of the MiG-29 AS FULCRUM “riders“

MiG-29AS/UBS aircraft in the inventory of the Tactical Wing Sliač have been the backbone of the Air Force of the SVK  Armed Forces.

The aircraft underwent the main upgrade at LOTN (aircraft repair factory in Trenčín) in 2005-2006 in cooperation with the aircraft manufacturer and several western aviation companies. Avionics equipment was adjusted to the Imperial System of Measurment and the latest communication equipment is compatible with the NATO eqipment.

On 29 February 2008 at Sliač Airport 12 modernized aircraft (10 AS and 2 UBS) were officialy delivered to the Air Force of the SVK Armed Forces. 2 of those aircraft were painted in a new camouflage pattern. MiG-29 is equipped with an built-in 30mm cannon GŠ-30.1 - the lightest weapon of its category in the world. It weights only 46 kg(without ammo) + 150 rounds of ammo. There are 3 hard points under each wing with an option to carry guided missiles (e.g. R-27, R-73, R-60MK), pods with unguided missiles S-8 or unguided bombs up to 500 kg.

 At SIAF2017 the aircraft MiG-29 will be presented to the visitors by its display pilot - LtCol. Ing. Martin “Mat“ Kuterka -  Vice-Commander of the Tactical Wing Sliač. He has more than 1,600 flight hours under his belt (on Z-42, l-29 Dolphin, L-39 Albatros and MiG-29 Fulcrum). Colonel Kuterka is a pilot I.class, QRA pilot (Quick Reaction Alert -NATINADS), test and instructor pilot of MiG-29 and, of course, designated display pilot of the type.

L-39 CM ALBATROS and Major Ing. Peter “Gabo” Gregor

L-39 CM is is a double - seat, jet engine training aircraft powered by AI-25TL engine. It is designated for the basic and advanced pilot training with an aim of smooth conversion to MiG-29 combat aircraft. It could be also used for attacking ground targets and slow aircraft in the air as well as for the air reconnaissance tasks. The aircraft is in the inventory of more than 30 air forces round the world and its “pros“ are namely its high reliability, simplicity and simple maintenance.

At SIAF 2017 the aircraft L-39 CM will be presented to the visitors by its display pilot - Maj. Ing. Peter “Gabo” Gregor - Flight Commander of the 2nd Tactical Squadron, Tactical Wing Sliač. He is a I. class pilot with about 1,000 flight hours under his belt on the type. He is also an instructor pilot and he assumed the position of a display pilot for the type in 2015.

Change of generations of the Slovak Air Force helicopters - welcome the UH-60M Black Hawk

Only recently, on 26 June 2017, the first two helicopters UH-60M Black Hawk became a part of the inventory of the Helicopter Wing named after Colonel General Ján Ambruš in Prešov. Two months later there is their premiere at SIAF2017.

UH-60M Black Hawk is a twin-engine, multirole helicopter used for tactical transport of personnel and equipment. It is capable of transporting 11 persons inside the cabin and 4 tons of equipment on the sling. It could be also used for SAR missions, fighting wildfires in a rough terrain and providing aid in case of natural disasters.

Its avionics equipment allows performance in all weather conditions day and night. The Slovak Air Force will be reinforced with more helicopters of this type in the near future.

Mi-17  in the hands of military rescuers     

The Mi-17SAR (Search And Rescue) which the military rescuers will present in a flight dynamic display is equipped with sophisticated equipment for searching people and also with new communication and navigation devices. As such, it could be used in any weather conditions, day and night. It is used for the air and ground search and rescue operations, for training and for missions within the Integrated Search and Rescuie System, namely in providing aid in case of natural disasters.

Transport squadron with “classic“ - L-410

The Slovak Air Force  will also present its transport aviation “workhorse“ - the aircraft L-410 UVP E20. The development of this light regional transport aircraft goes back to sixties. Currently the type is still in service within more than 50 countries of 5 continents and 13 air forces. Alltogether more than 1,000 pcs were produced. Amongts the main advantages are the capability of short take off and landing (550m), from/on unpaved grass strips, low operational cost, rigid construction, excellent performance in high temperature and altitude, variability of equipment and the relatively large cargo hold.

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