Energy of voluntary work makes SIAF more accessible

24. July 2017 Aktuality

“If we are able to devote our free time to someone else, the feeling we get back exceeds the energy we put into our help,“ says Dominik Brichta, Secretary of the Embassy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in Slovakia. Also this year of SIAF volunteers of the Maltese Aid will take care about disabled people.

Sector with helping hands

To help visitors on wheelchairs with getting into a cockpit, enable older or exhausted people to lie in the shade, hand round about 4 thousand cups of water, advise where the place for refreshment is situated. It is part of activities 15 volunteers of the Maltese Aid of Slovakia offered visitors of last year of SIAF. This year their number will increase. “The Maltese Aid is an official executive organization well-known for its services to any people in need. Our volunteers and health workers in many countries help in such events – religious and secular. Subjects providing such events must be in compliance with our values. Aviation days were great experience, people were very thankful and interested in our activities and what the Sovereign Military Order of Malta is,“ states Dominik Brichta.

Symbol of hospitaller and humanitarian activities round the world

Comparing to e.g. Hungary where the Maltese Aid is the biggest charitable organization employing 1000 people, in Slovakia the Maltese Aid does not have such a long tradition and many people are not aware about its existence. It might be the reason that  its coat of arms, the white eight-pointed cross placed on a red background is mistaken for a symbol of first aid.“First aid in SIAF is provided by other organizations. But if somebody is near our tent they do not care whether it is an official place for providing first aid or not. That´ s why we are thinking about taking one or two health workers to provide people with first aid while official health service providers appear.

Help is neccessary every day

The Maltese Aid of Slovakia bases its activities on everyday projects such as e.g. distribution of hundreds of lunches to socially disadvantaged seniors in Bratislava or projects within settlements of the Romani people. “All our volunteers are real volunteers. They have their civilan jobs – economy engineers, doctors, lawyers but also students. Anybody who is interested to know more about voluntary work will have the opportunity at International Air Fest Days SIAF 2017because there will be people providing this work,“ says Dominik Brichta.

More about the Maltese Aid of Slovakia:

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