Do you want to fly? Or to buy an aircraft? SIAF Aero Salon has a lot to offer

18. August 2017 9 Aktuality

“In case an air show is prepared by enthusiasts, it has its soul. The same goes for e.g. Fairford, England or Sliač,“ says a former display pilot Martin Hronec, recalling days spent in cockpits of military jet fighters as a member of the preparatory team of SIAF 2017. Under his supervision Aero Salon has been built in the B sector for the second time and the organizers are full of intentions.

Space for Slovak aviation

The more years of International Air Fest Days, the more static and flight displays - mostly of foreign production. It led to the idea to create space for Slovak aviation and to concentrate it at one place – in Aero Salon. “The Slovak Aviation Industry is not a big one but it exists. We addressed producers, schools and organizers engaged in  aviation. Most of them were enthusiastic after the initial year because possibility to introduce themselves in the public, to escape from the shadow of military jet aircraft at the biggest aviation event in Slovakia with a great commercial power emerged. As the public took it positively we decided to develop it and this year up to 30 aircraft will be introduced at SIAF 2017,“ says Martin Hronec, joining the realizational team after more than 33 years of military service.


Also this year in Aero Salon you can meet representatives of aviation schools – the Secondary Technical Aviation School in Trenčín, the Department of Air Transport of the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communication in Žilina and, of course, the Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University of Košice. “ These three schools have shown their interest in participating in aviation days to attract young people to aviation. You are welcome to meet with professionals giving information on aviation studies to those interested,“ advises Martin Hronec able to give a plethora of information on this study. He has 2100 flight hours under his belt, 1200 out of them flying MiG-29. He represented Slovak military aviation at many events in Slovakia and abroad.

Aviation organizations

At this year´s Aero Salon several aviation organizations will be present. The Slovak Gliding Federation, the most numerous one, will introduce ten various aircraft. “ Each particular organization will  introduce its aircraft and provide vistors with information how to join them. In a field of aviation there are a lot of safety reasons to organize people and to lead  them to avoid making mistakes in the air,  “ explains Martin Hronec.

Aircraft producers

Last year in Aero Salon only Slovak producers presented their products, this year firms from neighbouring countries will also participate. In his opinion, next years the number of foreign participants will increase. “In the year 2017 all producers available at the European market will be presented apart from a representative from Prievidza who we finished cooperation with. So visitors will be given the opportunity to compare aircraft, to choose the most suitable one or to arrange a test flight. This is the perfect opportunity for firms to appeal to potential customers because aircraft they offer are affordable to the public. Having money for a good car you can afford to buy an aircraft worth tens thousands of euros. “

Aero Salon achieves a prominence

Aero Salon will probably go foreward in following years due to an incresaing commercial interest. “Our intention is to reach a front line. While admiring aircraft in Aero Salon visitors will be able to watch aircrfat in dynamic displays. It will be appreciated not only by visitors but also by exhibitors who will be motivated to get the most advantageous position. We will address all countries of the Visegrad Four and will do our best to estabalish Aero Salon as a place to exhibit and to sell products, which seems to be the right way,“ plans M.Hronec who you will probably meet on 26 and 27 August in Aero Salon checking results of demanding preparation, running “his own territory“ and watching flight displays he used to perform out of the corner of his eye.

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