A new book about Biele Albatrosy (White Albatrosses) is coming out. Do not miss a book signing ceremony at MLD SIAF!

14. August 2017 5 Aktuality

Stories about  the legendary aerobatic group that have never been published. People, aircraft, performances. These three main issues are mingling in the latest book by Manfréd Ťukot titled Biele Albatrosy: Dispersal – Now!. It is going on sale  with the support of the organizers of the International Air Fest Days and former members of Biele Albatrosy will take part in a book signing ceremony held on the first day of SIAF 2017. We talked to the author of this attractive book, well-known for publications on flying in Košice, about the origin of his latest work.

I would like you to characterize your new book.

It is a retrospective of excitement whirling around the team Biele Albatrosy, which were formed in the period of the Czechoslovak Republic and phenomenally represented the Slovak Air Force in the world. And of course it describes how they were affected by splitting the republic and disintegration of the military aviation  school system. For a long time I have been interested in history of aviation in Košice. I have interviewed people interested in aviation. I have collected pictures and documents. As Biele Albatrosy are inextricably bound with Košice City I have met more and more people conneted with this team. It was a short step towards the book.

How long did you collect material for your book and what was the most demanding in this stage?

To start and to get contacts on right people - it was the most demanding . But as soon as you start it has a snowball effect. One contact attracts another one. But sometimes it  was difficult to persuade some people to go back to those times. In case I succeeded I collected information that had not been published before and I am really proud of it.

Which piece of information do you consider a real treat?

More of people interviewed have mentioned a situation they did not talk about. It was an emergency landing during a takeover. It is interesting that each of them has a different point of view on it. But when reading it and putting all views together you make your own opinion how it could have happened. I will just reveal that in one moment Biele Albatrosy could have lost several aircraft and maybe pilots. Of course I have developed this incident in my book.

Considering Biele Albatrosy what has appealed to you?

Their modesty and humility. Of course there are some exceptions in every team, but these pilots who did a lot for the Slovak Air Force take it as part of their job. Flying in a group has some rules and members of a group have to suppress everything what solo pilots consider important. While flying in a group the individuality is hidden. Regarding  Biele Albatrosy it is important that everything was in the right place at the right time. It is incredible that so many people and things were brought together to work for such a long time. Pilots in aerobatic groups change after one or two years of flying. Biele Albatrosy flew together more than ten years. Besides performing they worked as teachers of flying. Everything seems to be a lucky chance until the group was destroyed by politics.

How has it happened that your book is coming out at SIAF 2017?

The book has been ready to be published more than a year but I couldn´t find a way how to do it. Finally, Mr Chvojka ( the former leader of the aerobatic group Biele Albatrosy and present Flight Director of SIAF) suggested I would meet Director of the Slovak Aviation Agency and MLD SIAF Mr. Hubert Štoksa. We met in Banská Bystrica and he was keen to publish my book. I would like to thank to him for his support and the opporunity to introduce my book in the book signing ceremony in the presence of some members of Biele Albatrosy at SIAF. The chance to meet them together is very rare so I sincerely invite you to SIAF.

Foto: archív Manfréda Ťukota, ukážky z knihy Biele Albatrosy: Rozchod – Teď!

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